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Mother's Day Celebration

Mother’s Day celebration isn’t just related to a particular country, but it is celebrated in over 46 nations all over the world. Albeit the celebrations occur at different times around the world, what’s remarkably important is the feeling behind it. Why so? Because mothers are as caring in East as they are in the West, North and South! There exists no difference between mothers from one part of the globe to another and so are their feelings of their children, do they? Of course, not! All over the world this day is celebrated with full gaiety and fervor where children shower their momma darling with unconditional love in return.

mother's day celebration

How Does the Celebration of Mother’s Day take place?

In many nations, special prayers are held to honor the mothers. However, the most common way of celebration is to treat moms with breakfast in bed and dedicate the whole day in her service. Kids let their momma darling cuddle in the bed till late in the morning while they juggle in the kitchen with their father to prepare her favorite cuisines. Most often Mother’s Day gifts like a card and a bunch of flowers accompany the scrupulously laid breakfast. Many kids make a card by themselves a day before Mother’s Day while some make handmade gifts to articulate their respect and love for their momma. Grown-up kids on the other hand like to buy gifts for Mother’s Day from the stores in the form of clothes, accessories, jewelries and more.

People love to prepare dishes like cakes, cookies and pie specially on this day. Some people consider having a dinner with family at home while many prefer going out. Hence, restaurants and food chains are garnering more business than ever right on this special occasion.

Since the day is celebrated as a holiday in many countries, many people like to take the opportunity to enjoy a family picnic. In several institutes and schools, special celebrations for Mother’s Day are organized where children present songs, skits and plays to salute a mother.

What can you (children) do on Mother’s Day?

Well, you can plan a lot of activities and games on this day. But besides, the elation of commemoration people must remember that this day is meant to make mom feel special, loved and adored. On this day, everyone should be nice to their mom and give her at last a day’s rest, albeit we cannot pay back what she has done for us, but we can make her feel loved, isn’t it? It’s a really nice idea to do away with household chores on this day and make your momma feel that you care and know how hard she has been managing to run the house smoothly. You can book a spa session for your mother and make her feel pampered.

It’s Time for Family Reunion

Those away from family make efforts to spend the day with mother, grandma, aunt, and every elder lady in the family to make them feel special. This way the day has turned out to be a day for family reunion. While those who are unable to visit their mothers call them on phone and send online gifts for Mother’s Day to express their respect, love and care.