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Mothers Day History

Mothers truly are the most selfless beings on this planet. They are the sweetest gifts from God to all of us. A mother’s love is immense, deep, sheer and incomparable. There is no way we can ever pay back or really thank our mom for all she has done for us. Nevertheless we must keep reminding those sacrifices she made while looking after us and raising us. Mother’s Day is the most excellent day to signify your love for your momma darling and depict how much you care for her.

mothers day history

Origin of Mother’s Day dates back to the era of ancient Greek & Romans. In Greece, the natives kept a special day to tribute Rhea, the mother of the Greek gods. A few centuries later in Rome, the goddess Juno was praised at a feast named the Matronalia. Also the ancient Egyptians had a day reserved to honor Isis, the mother Horus.

In Europe, Mother’s Day got established as a Christian holiday. During 16th century, apprentices and indentured servants were permitted to come back to the home to visit their family on the 4th Sunday of Lent. It’s this tradition that given birth to the British Mothering Sunday.

Mothering Sunday however failed to attract early Americans. But, in US during the era of the Civil War, a young Appalachian woman named Ann Jarvis, united women on both sides of the conflict so as to work for the sanitation improvement on “Mother’s Work Days.” After her death in early 1900’s, her daughter, Anna kicked off a passionate crusade for Mother’s Day to be acclaimed as national holiday.

Jarvis worked hard to persuade both the church and political leaders to dedicate a day especially for mothers. Although, her efforts reaped benefits in making Mother’s Day nationally accepted in 1914, she found a little elation in her success. She stood up against the commercialization of her holiday, but in vain as Mother’s Day had been regarded as a national holiday.

At present, Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide in vivid forms. On this day people send gifts and flowers to their mother to signify love, care and appreciation.