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My Mothers Best Advice

Mothers give wise advice and always right. We all admit this fact from our experience. We all have been brought up with her advice. Some of these advices become useful for the lifetime. Check out these eight best advices given by our mothers to us. The best Mothers day gift for your mom would be to take her advice & practice in your life.

my mother's bes t advice

1.    Love Yourself First

Each & every person in this world may not like you and that’s okay. Women are typically obsessed with getting approval from others but it’s impossible to please each & every person in your life. The only person you should take care of first is “You”. As long as your heart is saying it is a right decision than go for it even if other people don’t like it. You will never regret later on.

2.    Make more efforts to be beautiful from inside than outside.

It's fine to spend some time thinking about your external appearance and want to look attractive. But if how we look is all we care about, then it is not the actual way of leading life. You are lucky to be beautiful & blessed with attractive features because of your paternal/maternal genes. You really don’t have any contribution for that. True beauty lies in being kind, friendly & compassionate to others.

3.    Don't judge people

Mom has taught us not to judge people around us. Looks can be deceptive. Try to know the person’s heart rather than merely drawing a conclusion so quickly. You will get there someday so no reason to hurry. 

4.    Remember it’s just the bad day not the bad life

All the fingers in our hand are not same so does each & every day cannot be a favorable day. Unfavorable days are not really bad days. They bring in new experiences (though it’s bitter) & valuable lessons for the future endeavor.  

5.    Don't compare yourself to others

There are many people in the world who are beautiful, richer, successful & talented than you. Don’t think that their life is like a cake walk or much happier & content than yours. Life is a journey & not a competition. It’s simply waste of time & emotions to compare one with others. Every person has some plus points & negative points in their life. You should work on yourself & become a better version of yourself than yesterday.

6.    It's only Hair

You would like to colour it, curl it, straighten it or pull it back or pin up. You may desire it were longer, silkier, thicker or wavier. You may like to have a different hair style every day. Life is too precious to waste hours on the pursuit of hair styling. So don’t feel it a bad day because you have a bad hair day. Put a nice cap on it, go out and have some fun.

7.    Speak up

This does not mean to start complaining, howling or boasting but if you have an opinion or you feel that you are not getting treated fair enough or see something happening around that should not happen then speak up. It’s your right & duty as well to raise your voice against it. You might end up annoying some people or impress them while do that. It’s perfectly okay in both the ways. Being courageous & compassionate are the two sides of same coin.

8.    You'll hate me on some days, but I'll always love you.

I hope you understood this point. There are many situations in life when you may not like your mom’s decision or you would question her behavior. All children at some point of time may think that mom’s work is to constantly nag & she is after my life. You may detest her but she will never stop loving you. Whatever she does for you it’s actually for your betterment.