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Mothers Day Celebration Round the World

Cheerful Mother's Day Celebrations Round the World

Mother’s Day is a celebration of saluting every mother’s efforts, pain and sacrifices for shaping this society. It is the day to let every mother feel special and proud on her motherhood and this special feeling is offered by every kid, father, sister and other near and dear ones. The concept of celebrating Mother’s Day is basically to express thanks to every Mother and has its roots in America! Today the day is celebrated with great fervor around the world!

Celebration Around the worldToday, the celebration of Mother’s Day has gained much popularity in across the world. Rooting from US, Mother’s Day has now paved its way for grand celebration at different places round the world. People from different courtiers and communities now celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways.

Here’s a look at how 10 countries around the world and their distinct ways of honoring their moms!


Mother’s Day celebration is one of the new concepts in India and yet it is one of the popular celebrations now days among the people. The date of celebration is followed from the U.S. that is the second Sunday of the month of May when Mother’s are showered with gifts, flowers, cards and more. In the list of umpteenth number of already existing festivals, Mother’s Day celebration is a remarkable achievement for being one of the foreign festivals that made its presence in the culturally diverse country like India.


Falling on the same day that is the second Sunday of the month of May, the Mother’s Day is celebrated with same fashion as like U.S and with lots of enthusiasm and fervor in Australia. Here in the country, the Mother’s Day celebration is taken an opportunity to express gratitude of love towards their dearest mother. Thus people show their love to mom by gifting flowers, thoughtful presents, cards and more as a token of love for her.


In France as per the 1950 law, the “fetes des meres” that is Mother’s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of May that is May 25th this year and that too except when the day overlaps with Pentecost. At such a case, the celebration of Mother’s Day is pushed back a week. But despite of the change in date, Mother’s Day celebration in France is much similar to U.S. and people celebrates the day by gifting mothers with flowers, cards and presents and a get together family dinner.


In country like China, the concept of celebrating Mother’s Day and the imported holiday of its celebration is aligned with the traditions of filial piety of China then it is in the countries all over. However the second Sunday of the month of May is marked as the day with gifts and festivities by maximum number of Chinese.


From the early 16th century, the people of U.K. are observing their fourth Sunday as the day to celebrate Mothering Sunday. On the respective day families come together to attend church. Then in the early 20th century, the Mothering Sunday that has evolved as a day traditionally for a family get together, was then fused with Hallmark-card-giving American holiday. However the name and date of Mother’s Day has been retained as per the traditions and this year it is March 15th, its celebration date.

In Mexico, the celebration of Mother’s Day is taken very seriously. In fact the president of national association of restaurateurs named Manuel Gutierrez, told in a Washington Post of 2012 that May 10 be it whichever day of the week, will be the busiest day of the year for the each and every Mexican Restaurant. Though flowers are must to gift and greet mothers but also the day is filled with food, music, celebrations and also often a morning serenade of the song “Las Mananitas” from all the mariachi singers.


Initially, the country Japan aligned Haha no Hi with the birthday of Empress Koujun, the one whose tenure is spanned in most of the 20th century. And since this the celebration of Mother’s Day has been moved as the second Sunday of the month of May when people of Japan load their mother with affectionate gifts, flowers, greetings and more. In fact as per the poll held recently in Japan, nearly 1,000 adult men were found and 87% already planned to gift something to their moms.


As per the former Soviet Union, the celebration of Mother’s Day was basically done on the International Women’s Day on March 8 that is a celebratory date which since become internationally a day observed to honor women and also to reflect on the goal for gender equality. However in the year 1988, post-Soviet Russia, the Mother’s Day was introduced on the last Sunday of the month of November but despite that most of the gift giving to mothers still happens in the month of March.


In Egypt and several other countries as well, Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21st which is the first day of spring. This day that is widely observed unofficial national holiday is the day of celebration and gift giving.


In Thailand the holiday for Mother’s Day is observed on August 12 every year to mark the birthday of Queen Sirikit. On the day ceremonies and parades held are to celebrate the dual intentions of this day dedicated to mothers. Also people gift their mother a gift as well as jasmine flowers.