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Some Quirky & Off-Beat Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Celebration!

Raksha Bandhan promises galore of sweetness into brother & sister relationship! The whole process of tying Rakhi, decorating Puja thali and performing Aarti, is part of bringing about strength in the bond.

The conventional ways of celebrating this auspicious occasion have been done a number of times, and celebrating the day in an unconventionally quirky way would be a real fun. There isn’t any set pattern for showcasing affection to your loved ones. There are thousands of quirky ideas to make the celebration a special one to enrapture your brother/sister heart.

Apart from thinking of gifts like Rakhi with chocolates, sweets and alike, in general, we cannot think of certain things to be done as a part for Rakhi celebration, but believe me, it can absolutely create some really magical memories of your togetherness. Here are a few of the off-beat Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas to help through you’re baffling state of finding the best way out. Read below….

1. Plan a Bike Trip to Ladakh –‘Fulfill Your Dream Together’

We rarely think of making our dream of Bike trip to Ladakh come true with sister/brother! You can be one to make shift into this paradigm by planning your dream trip on Raksha Bandhan, with your brother/sister. This is going to be an exciting way out, adding onto the sheen of this unvarnished relationship.

2. Book a Hall for Celebration – ‘Think out-of-the-box’

You have always done it in that tradition way, at your home, decking up your home! Don’t you think a new way can bring about some magical transformation in the way it is celebrated? How about booking a hall for your Raksha Bandhan celebration? Don’t you think it can be a real fun? Yes, it will be! Keep it a surprise for everyone in the family! That should be an important part of the celebration.

3. Paragliding – ‘An adventure in Nature’

How about flying in the air, all carefree, with your sister/brother? When we think of partners for such adventurous sports, only friends and spouse come to our mind. We seldom think of planning it with sister/brother. And, categorically, this is going to be a special way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your brother/sister.

4. Night Camping –‘Feel the Light of your Relationship in Darkness’

It would really be adventurous of celebration this significant day of your life. Exploring the nature together into the darkness and in the dim Moon light would make for a delighting Raksha Bandhan celebration. Brother Sister Relationship has the most amount of friendship and they can be your best-camping partners.

5. Trekking – ‘Up the Hills’

Trekking together, up the hills with Bhai could be the best feeling for any sister. Gifting some money, or chocolates or sweets are the traditional ways of wishing your brother/sister and you have been doing it for years. But, gifting your brother/sister with the adventurous experience of trekking could be a great way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan.

6. Plan 7 Days Sojourn – ‘Fulfilling Your Wanderlust Together’

You never would have experienced it before! How about planning a seven-day sojourn, during the Raksha Bandhan week? Plan it in a quirky, unusual way! Sit together and plan to go to seven different destinations, on seven different days of the week (Plan short trips). This is going to be fun, exciting; travelling, racing from one location to the other, and everything would make it wonderful.

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride – ‘Sky is not the Limit’

This is going to make your Rakhi celebration extra special and adventurous! Flying high in the sky will bring about the real you, and this will make you experience real brother-sister love. Gone are the days of sitting quietly at home, there is a lot of stuff to do. You can take a lot of pictures together and instantly post them on Instagram with hashtag #BestRakshaBandhanCelebration ever.

8. Hire personal stylist – ‘Style up like a Pro’

Wow…This one is going to be wonderful! It’s a superb idea to hire a personal stylist, to help both of you get ready on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Work on this idea for each other; start it off before a few days of Raksha Bandhan. There’s nothing very special about going with the same conventional ways, celebrating this big day. Getting ready with the assistance of a professional would definitely give you celebrity feeling.

9. Roaming around in the Night – ‘Explore Together the Beauty of Night’

Night outs are thought out just to be for friends! Why can’t sisters brothers can go together for a night out? They definitely can, and it’s going to be really fun! Abandon those archaic ideas of wishing each other with chocolates and sweets. Roam around together in the dark night, and talk your heart to each other.

10. Planning a fun-filled Party Together – ‘Party to Rejuvenate your Relationship’

Parties are generally not organized during Raksha Bandhan! What would it look like, to plan it together with friends of you both? This will allow you both to interact with each others’ friends and know them better. Plan a big fat gigantic party so that you both could enjoy the day completely!

11. Fitness Goal Together – ‘Encourage each other to Keep in Shape’

This one is really important for everyone! This Raksha Bandhan, enrolling each other into a fitness class club can be a great idea. This will definitely be a great way of helping each other in a special way. Make sure that you both have enrolled in the same fitness club. Being together on your fitness journey would give enough of time.

So, these are some of the quirky and off-beat ideas for celebration Raksha Bandhan. Although, the Rakhi tying ritual and Puja ceremony are the intrinsic parts of the celebration, planning something out-of-the-box, something as quirky as going for paragliding or trekking or hiring personal stylists could be a great idea to bank upon.