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Give the Gift of “SMILE” to Her! Here’s 10 Best Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sister

The entire process of tying Rakhi is personification of love and affection!! The term Raksha Bandhan itself defines the depth; it apparently defines the celebration of that suave bond or perfectly called as “Bandhan “in Hindi that builds around a strong protective shield.

The fanatical love with which sisters’ resort to the power of this beautiful thread looks really magical. It renders a palpable sense of affection that connects brothers and sisters with heart. Brothers in return present attractive gifts for their sisters so as to enthrall their sisters and make them realize the real essence of this bond.

We have made a subtle effort to present a list of some ‘Out-of-the-Box’ Return Gift Ideas for Sisters. Read below to find them! Here we go……

1. Personalized T-shirt - “My sister, My Queen”

personalized t-shirt

If you are a brother, you are the one who can only understand how much your heart feels connected to that of your sisters’. Though there are plenty of gift ideas for sisters, but a personalized T-shirt with some intensively poignant message written over it can be the perfect way of conceding your love. You can use the text on the T-shirt – “My Sister, my Queen”!

2. Designer Saree for Her – “Let her Flaunt”

designer saree

What if she flaunts the beautiful designer Saree gifted by you on Raksha Bandhan? It would conspicuously be a great idea to gift something ethnic so that she can flaunt it and feel proud of her brother. You will need to present this gift a day before Raksha Bandhan, so that she can wear it during the Tikka ceremony.

3. A Stylish Wrist Watch – “Let her Show off”

wrist watch

The elegance and style that a classy watch adds on to the overall look of a woman is exceptional! Even if your sister already has a watch, she will love your gift. Do watch the most trending watches in the market and take the final decision.

4. A Chic and Trending Wallet – “Add to her style”

trending wallet

These days wallets are much in trend, and from younger girls to women love to carry a chic and trending wallets. This too can be perfect gift for your sister for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. No matter, if she is a college going student, or she may be a married woman, she can either carry it as clutch or can put it inside her handbag to accommodate her small accessories while stepping out.

5. A Complete Make up Kit – “Add to her Beauty”

make up kit

A complete makeup kit; any girl’s first partner! You may have seen all these years, your mothers and sister being so possessive about their makeup kit and playing along with it for hours. Let it be a complete one with her favorite accessories in it. Your sister will love your Raksha Bandhan gift for sure.

6. A Classy Pair of Footwear – “Help her be Unique”

pair of footwear

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, buy for your sister a stylish and casual pair of footwear. Check out on various online stores and you will find the pair of footwear for her that your sister will like. You must always opt for a good brand when it comes to footwear, or they may not be comfortable for your sister to wear furthermore.

7. A Stylish Handbag – “Add Perfection to her Looks”

a stylish handbag

I don’t need to explain how much a girl loves handbags! Your sister will LOVE to get this perfect and stylish Raksha Bandhan gift from her brother. Couple this gift with some yummy chocolates, and trust me she will ecstatically enjoy your present. On top of that, she will keep hugging you and thanking you whenever she will be using it.

8. Plan a Trip for Your little Queen – “Let her fly”

let her fly

A trip can never be a bad idea!! Leave all those speculations, and give her the wings to fly by reviving the zeal inside her, to see the world. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, gift her flying tickets to her favorite destination and tell her that everything has already been planned. Also, invite her friends and she will not only understand the essence of your gift, but will also feel rejuvenated.

9. Spend Quality time with her – “Hearts do speak”

quality time with sister

Time is in itself a gift because that enables both the receiver and the giver, time to share their life with each other. On the pious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister the gift of time; spend some quality time with her and she will appreciate you for this. Cook with her, dance with her, go for a long drive with her; this will be the best ever gift you can gift to your sister.

10 Create a Photo Collage – “The palpable sense of Love”

photo collage

Do you know why a photo collage can be a perfect gift idea for any occasion? Because there’s a palpable sense of love hidden, the efforts that one puts in collecting all those pretty pictures, getting them framed into a collage photo tells the keenness of the giver to showcase his/her love. Open up all the old closets and find the best pictures of her with you that showcase your love!

These are some of the unprecedentedly admired Rakhi Gift Ideas for sister that will surely serve the purpose. Don’t look for a stopgap, or don’t look for a quick way of bringing about that magical transformation in your relationship, because that will just be ephemeral. Feel the true connection and gift your sister a gift of “SMILE”, by choosing a perfect Rakhi gift for her!!